My Biography

My Biography


Who are we?

Ajay is a freelance musician, singer and songwriter living in Chandigarh and is at the heart of the feeling that is Himalayan Strings. An engineer by trade, music took him on the path to creating Himalayan Strings.
Himalayan Strings was founded as a Western & Indian acoustic band and have the experience of playing at many venues all over North India. Himalayan Strings strives to showcase the beauty of Indian culture through music. All the sights and sounds of the people are captured in HimalayanStrings’ music.
Himalayan Strings have headlined various music festivals including Happiness Festival(2017,2018,2019), Camper’s Music Festival(2018) and has opened for Vishal Shekhar at PECFEST 2015. They also played live at many venues and cafes in Chandigarh, Himachal and Punjab. The pursuit of happiness and peace in the world is going to take them to places unexplored.


What made Himalayan Strings?

Like the average Indian kid who ends up in the wrong profession, Ajay wound up in the Great Indian Engineering Factory. He went through the motions of the college race, but his heart lay in creating music and crafting melodies. Ajay’s disenchantment with the rat race and disinterest in engineering made him realign his energies towards music. He told his parents, packed his bags and left for the great unknown.

Armed with just a backpack and his guitar, he traversed the length and breadth of the mighty Himalayas. He arrived in Jibhi, and hustled his way through life, working as a waiter and bussing tables. Hungry and exhausted with just his music to help him, Ajay spent a month in Manali, performing and perfecting his art all the while garnering acclaim and applause from the hillfolk. Thus, Ajay conceived the idea of Himalayan Strings to the gentle swaying of heads to his guitar strumming in the background.